The modern-day marble: sophisticated and durable stone with a silky, warm surface, that invites you to touch.

Accumulates and keeps warmth

Silky and warm matt texture

Easy to repair and renew surface

As hard and durable as a stone

Easy cleaning with abrasives

Stain resistant

Made from natural rock (bauxite) vacuum mixed with synthetic resin. Monolithic, homogeneous material throughout the thickness of the product (12-30 mm).

Tinted bathtubs, washbasins and shower trays are made by adding pigment to the material, without coating.

The surface of each product is hand-finished.

Silkstone is used for visually and geometrically flawless washbasins, bathtubs, table-tops, furniture fronts, floor and wall paneling, baseboards and other interior design elements.

It is perfect for intensively used premises, such as restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, schools, office buildings and manufacturing facilities. It is safe and easy to use and maintain.

Silkstone tints

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