Our success is based on our values as a company:

Human relationships are very important to us. We believe that open communication with our partners is essential.

We focus on elegant modern design, perfection and hand finished flawlessness in everything we produce.

When called upon, we are expert in finding creative, smart and practical solutions to our customer’s needs.

We are always willing to try new alternative and creative solutions even if it requires more effort to meet our customer’s requirements. We value aesthetics and quality more than profit.

Our relationships with our customers and partners and the pursuit of elegance and lasting beauty are of prime importance to us.

Partners and customers can tell you about us more.

“In interior projects, I try to include Latvian products as I am proud of local manufacturers who create beautiful and high-quality things. I recommend PAA to customers, because the manufacturer offers almost any non-standard solutions, variety of shapes and shades. PAA’s production is not only rich in terms of beautiful designs, but also with various practical solutions that no other manufacturer offers, for example, Made to Measure surfaces can be cut into different shapes, from Silkstone material it is possible to create diverse design combinations for both bathtubs and washbasins , and shower trays.”

Designer of “Ziemeļu akcents” ZANE SKALBERGA, Rīga

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