Accumulates and keeps warmth

Silky and warm matt texture

Easy to repair and renew surface

As hard and durable as a stone

Daily cleaning is done by wiping the surfaces with a moist Scotch-Brite™ or similar cloth and a regular mild detergent.

If the surface to be cleaned is matte, an abrasive detergent may also be used when necessary.

The most common stains are easily removed by wiping. Ingrained stains may be removed with bleach, which is allowed to touch the surface for a maximum of five minutes. After this, the surface is cleaned with a regular detergent and rinsed with water.

Strong acids, such as detergents containing chloromethane or acetone, should be avoided in the daily cleaning of Silkstone surface. If the material comes into contact with acids, the surfaces must be rinsed quickly with a regular detergent and water to prevent changes in colour.

Sharp items may cause minor cuts and scrapes. Slight marks are easily polished off, but the repair of deeper cuts requires professional service. Warranty does not apply to any damages caused by improper use.

Silkstone product care video

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